Education Groups & Schools

Global Compliance has helped many schools and other educational organisations build a strong culture driven Health & Safety Management system within their organisation.

Based on our experience and research in this sector, we understand that there are unique challenges faced in implementing effective Health & Safety Systems. Over time we have managed to eliminate these challenges and create a strategy that ensures challenges such as Government audits, child protection and excursion risk assessments can be solved.

Here are just a few ways our consultants can help your school or education group strengthen and improve its commitment to health & safety;

    • Write, review and update the health & safety Policy & Procedures in accordance with with legislation and school governing boards.

    • Complete risk assessments including educational visits and brief relevant staff

    • Provide health & safety training

    • Monitor the site and oversee relevant actions to improve safety

    • Ensure all pupils and employees understand their obligations

    • Provide reports to School boards and head teachers

    • Assist with fire evacuations, testing and reporting.

    • Complete Return to Work Staff Interviews, carry out accident investigations and review any contractors’ work

Whether you need help with systems implementation, maintenance or you are preparing for a school audit, Global Compliance can help.

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