Religious Groups & Churchs

Global compliance has helped many organisations in the religion sector build health & Safety and Environmental systems that are simple, easy to understand and user friendly. We understand that within this sector the majority of the system involvement id by volunteer and have strategically built our systems to incorporate this.

Here are ways we helped many religious organisations build effective and compliant Health & Safety or Environmental systems:


  • Building a compliant simple system so that all members of the organisation can understand the system.

  • Providing training at both corporate and local level that ensure all members are trained in the use of the system

  • Incorporating religious beliefs  into the Management system

  • Managing cloud based workspaces that ensure all members can use the system.

  • Control of visitors and contractors that come to church/parish sites

  • Development of a specific health & safety documentation and training for special events such as fetes, religious occasions and ceremonies.

  • Providing effective reporting to Head Boards and church management.


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