Peace of Mind is within your reach.



A maintenance programme for Health & Safety, Quality or Environmental Systems built specifically to your company"



You get the benefits. System or no System.

The maintenance programme adapts to your current system.


No system currently? That's Fine.

If you do not currently have a safety, quality or environmental system in place - that's fine. We can provide you with a system based on our current implementation packages available.


System already implemented?

If you already have your own Safety, Quality or Environmental system implemented, our maintenance programme can adapt to ensure that it can be maintained.



How the programme will work for you.

The programme involves five simple steps:


Consultant Selected 

A Consultant is selected based on your company operations that will guide you through all meetings, audits and reviews.



Yearly Action Plan

A yearly action plan is developed based on your company’s objectives, goals and risks.


Monthly Meeting

Monthly online phone meetings are held to review past tasks and set new tasks for the next month.



Monthly Reporting

A Report detailing compliance rating, tasks, scheduled requirements and other data is sent out after each meeting.


Annual on site audit

An annual onsite health & safety audit is conducted by our qualified Auditors. A report is completed.





All the benefits that ensure you keep in control of your business systems 


Access to qualified and experienced consultants   Implementation and maintenance to correct standards & regulations   Fast response to all your questions.    Effective task setting and follow-up   Monthly reporting to provide you with factual results on your systems.



Incredible Value at an Affordable Price

Global Compliance provides you the most innovative premium quality programme without ever straining your budget!

For only,



" The stated price is for entities with less the 70 employees and the annual site visit applicable to one site only. All registrations are reviewed upon application.

^ The Documented system is a template only and will not reflect the consumers company operations or risks upon purchase. The system will need to be updated and loaded with the company details and other information as suggested by the consultant throughout the maintenance programme.

* All monthly payments will be via our direct debit system on the 5th of the following invoiced month. The contract is locked for 12 Months.Terms & Conditions apply. Contact us for more information.