Manufacturing & Fabrication 

One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturing firms today is achieving a culture of safety or quality in an industry that involves working with multiple potential risks.  At Global Compliance, we have implemented and maintained a large number of businesses in the manufacturing industry and have become inspired to continually find ways to improve safety systems and their implementation in this industry.

Our research on the Manufacturing industry tells us that a safety, environmental or quality system needs to be:

  • Simple and easy to understand so that even the lowest intelligence on the factory floor can be involved in the system

  • To be implemented and maintained in such a way to create a culture of health & safety, environmental or quality

  • Streamlined to improve the production rather then slow the it down

  • To be maintained in such a manner that the system can be measured and reviewed for continued improvement.

Whether you need a quality system to reduce the number of product defects or a safety system to reduce risk, Global Compliance has done the necessary research and experience to make sure your goal is realised.