Health & Safety Induction Video

Every business must have a Health & Safety induction programme  as part of their requirements under the Health & Safety Act and Regulations.In saying that, many induction programmes are in place but are not being used because a number of issues including time, knowledge etc.

To better help you comply with the Health & Safety requirements, Global Compliance has developed a simple, easy to use induction video that is custom build to your site. This can be used to induct contractors and visitors that come to your site and used also to induct new /existing staff.

Purchase your custom Health & Safety System

A complete custom Health & Safety induction video with all required elements easily induct those that come to your site.

Once purchased, we will send you a web-form to complete so we can build your Health & Safety Induction Video.

 $399.00 + GST

Health & Safety Induction Video

Inducting Contractors

1. Select and notify the contractor that a Health & safety Induction must be completed prior to entering on your site

2. Send link to the Induction Video for the contractor to complete

3. Contractor completes induction video and fills in the web-form test that requires them to upload applicable documents and sign off on the induction

4. When the contractor arrives on site, reception can easily check if contractor is inducted for  the online register

Inducting Visitors

1. When they arrive on site the visitor is shown the induction video

2. Visitor completes induction video and fills in the web-form test that requires them sign off on the induction

Inducting Staff

1. All new staff can view this induction video and complete the web-form test to sign off

2. All existing staff can complete this video once year/or required frequency to re -inducted all staff.

Online Induction Register

A online induction register is included with all videos. This register is proof of all inducted Contractors, Visitors and Staff.

By having a online Health & Safety Induction you receive the following benefits;

1. Save many hours of conducting Face to Face inductions

2. Induction developed by leading Work Health & safety Consultants

3. Consistent health & Safety message to Contractors, Visitors and Staff

4. Easy to use for any skill -level inductee

5. Automatic records of induction filed into online register

6. Induction is custom built to your company including log, colours and site risks

We will develop your video following the steps below:

1. Once you have purchased online, we will send you a web-form to complete that will give us all of the details relating to the Health & Safety Induction

2. When we receive the information, we will develop the video and create your custom induction

3. Once completed, we will send you the video via drop-box or other platform.

4. We will set up a online register that links to your video.

5. When completed, we will provide a procedure on how to use the Induction video so that you can start your inductions!

YES - Its that simple!

Included in your Induction package is the following:

1. Online Induction Video custom to your site and operations

2. Online Induction Register to file all ofg your records

3. Induction 'How To' guide on getting the best out of your Induction Programme